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  Cultural Exchange Programs     

Our Programs   

All of our programs include scheduled professional tours and​ activities to showcase our city and promote cultural diversity.  Your student and family are welcome to join most events.  Call for details.

  Full Immersion    

Our 3 week Summer Program brings French Student's to your home and is "immersed" in everyday life as part of your family. They help with normal household duties and simply enjoy learning about American culture and whatever your family normally does. Take them along when you go shopping, to the beach, or any special outing with your family.

  Family Helper   

Our 3 week Summer Family Helper Program has older 15-19 year old teens help you with your children while you tend to chores, run errands and get caught up on your "to do" list!  Many families with little ones have found this extra set of hands and eyes a welcome relief during the long days of summer!

  Spring & Fall School Programs  

Two-to-four week sessions are offered where your French student has the opportunity to attend a school along with your students. French & American students may participate in scheduled tours and events with weekends reserved to enjoy with your family.​ American student will have an opportunityto travel abroad to France.

Student Ambassador Program  

Participation in an exchange program imparts general educational benefits that colllege admissions officers value and seek in their applicants.  Taking part in our program shows a college admissions officer that the student posseses many attractive qualities: they are curious, responsible, and take the initiative to broaden their academic life.


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