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Will there be any expenses for your family?

Whether you choose a full immersion student or a family helper, your only cost will be room and board.
It is up to your family if you would like to pay the entrance fees to events (movies, state parks, museums, etc.) or you could ask your student to pay their own fee. All teens arrive with pocket money and are prepared.

How will the student get to your home?

All students will be arriving at the O’Hare International Airport. We will be there to greet them at the terminal.
You may pick your student up there or other arrangements could be pre-arranged.

I am busy during the summer; do I have to entertain them all day?

They are coming to America to experience our lifestyle and improve their English. Take them along when you shop, go to the beach, etc. A special outing once/twice a week might be fun!


What are our accredidations?


Our partner, SeJours Home Abroad is a travel agency recognized by the Department of Tourism operating under French law. SeJours maintains professional civil liability insurance.​

SeJours is also an accredited member of the “Office national de garantie des stages et sejours linguistiques” which checks and certifies language programs. Its' member organizations are selected according to rigorous standards. L'Office certifies French language schools as well as organizations offering au pair placements, long term stays, cultural programs, work placements and jobs. L’Office is supported by the French National Ministry of Education. E-mail : / Phone:​ 0033 1 42 73 36 70 / Website : 

Additionally, all foreign students are required to provide an insurance certificate for health and civic liability insurance prior to travel.

59, avenue de Saint Cloud - 78000 VERSAILLES ​
229, rue Saint Honoré - 75001 PARIS ​
tel : ​33 (0)1 39 50 77 70 - Fax : 33 (0)1 39 50 75 01 - emergency tel 33 (0)6 65 16 40 80​​

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