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Professional Screening


Students are interviewed in France by our French exchange partner, Sejours Homeabroad, and must meet high character qualifications. Each French candidate completes a two-page comprehensive profile, with photo, which describes them, their interests, family size, likes, and dislikes. ​

You are given the opportunity to review these profiles and select the young person who matches your family’s interests,  i.e., boy, girl, age, etc.


Fully Covered


All students are fully insured and host families are released of all liabilities from any unforeseen incidence's. The only expectation from a family is that your new French friend will find love and acceptance in your home.


You will be asked to complete a host family application, which should include your own profile, family photos and references. It will be reviewed by Bonjour Chicago and sent to our partner, Sejours Homeabroad in France to be given to the student you have so kindly welcomed into your  home.  The French family will have  pictures  and a visual of their child’s host family!


Once accepted, you will be able to get acquainted with one another by facebook, email or however you communicate best.



Bonjour!  Bonjour Chicago’s mission is to foster cultural exchange and education by helping students in the United States develop mutually beneficial relationships with students in France and Spain.
Bonjour Chicago


Bonjour Chicago seeks families willing to give one of our inquiring young French teenagers, a two to four week peek into their unique, American way of life. Our French students come to the U.S. to experience YOUR lifestyle, be immersed in the American culture and enhance their English skills. This is a great program for families with or without teens at home. ​You simply treat them like you would your own children. Take them along to the grocery store, movies, the beach, your neighborhood park and share your every day life. They are not here to be entertained every day but a once a week outing would be nice.

We are sure that your experience will bring memories and friendship that will last a lifetime, plus you or your teen will have the opportunity to visit France as an exchange student or visit their family. 


“Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards - the things we live by and teach our children are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.”
~ Walt Disney
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